Germs? What Germs?

There are many harmful substances in your home that you probably don’t know about; they reside in your bedsheets, pillows, cupboards, and even in your carpets ….. yes those places you walk every day.  These guys at say that you should steam clean them at least twice a year.  Okay, back to the article!  These harmful substances are not necessarily all germs; some of them can include microscopic bugs and bacteria.

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Window Cleaning

Don’t clean your windows without a game plan!

Windows, as we all know, are sensitive things; there ate very particular and specific ways to clean each of them. But your game plan might be failing. You think you’re cleaning your windows correctly when you’re actually damaging them!

Most likely, with your cleaning tactics, you have scratched your windows. You have probably used a rag or towel to dry or wash them. This is not a desired utensil to use when cleaning, and preferably, you should use a smooth sponge; towels are your windows worst enemy.

Next, you probably have used a spray cleaning bottle to clean your windows. There is nothing wrong with this. However, you have probably used a paper towel to dry it off; Do NOT do this, as you risk leaving particles behind. Use a sham-wow instead, or simply let it dry on its own.

If last resort, hire a good company to clean your windows. Some companies clean carpets, but they also clean windows for a good price in certain areas; call someone and let them know your situation. Cleaning windows isn’t a hardship, but they sure can be if not done properly. Always think before you clean!